Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lasers Officially Released

Lasers has officially been released, and I'd have to say that I like it more than the critics put it out to be. Hip Hop DX bashed Lasers but I think their views were skewed since the best tracks on the album were released so early. Anyway, here's a few songs that you haven't heard yet (unless you got it leaked) that I think you will enjoy. You're Welcome. [April 30]

Letting Go feat. Sarah Green (Track 1)

This one is my favorite new songs off the album. Listening to this song with some good headphones is insane, and I recommend you do so.

Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways) feat. MDMA (Track 7)

Following The Show Goes On is a big task for this song, but I think it did an alright job at it. MDMA is on 3 tracks off Lasers, and after hearing the songs multiple times, I can say that each one is worth a listen. This song grew on me.

Break the Chain feat. Eric Turner and Sway (Track 10)

Here's another new song for you. I do like this one as well. It kind of reminds me of the tracks that Lupe used to do with Matt Santos. Sway has a nice little verse in here to add to this gem.

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